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Starters are served with complimentary pita. Extra pita is $1.00
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Calamari Starter

Breaded deep fried squid served with tzatziki.
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Spanakopita Starter

Two spinach pies - feta cheese, herbs and greens in phyllo + tzatziki
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Saganaki Starter

Flamed fried goat cheese
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Dolmathes Starter

Four grape leaves stuffed with ground beef covered with lemon sauce.
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Garithes Starter

Pan fried prawns with garlic and lemon
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Calamari Skaras Starter

Grilled squid served with tzatziki.
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Keftethes Starter

Three large seasoned beef patties grilled + tzatziki
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Octapothi Starter

Marinated octopus on lettuce + veggies
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Sautéed veggies in our house red sauce.
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Sikotatia Starter

Pan fried chicken livers + tzatziki